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Share Locations and Events

There will be many events commemorating Jutland and the Skagerrakschlacht in Britain and in Germany. But there’ll also be locally organized happening in many communities around the world.

There are also artefacts and places that are connected with the battle that can be found in many different countries that have a close connection to the battle. : for example, New Zealand, where the 4″ guns from HMS New Zealand can be seen at the Aukland museum while the plate armour from from one of her turrets in the Torpedo museum.


How to share what you know…and others would love to know.

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  2. In the online form below the map, upload the details you know about, if you don’t have them all try an include a website, e-mail address or a telephone number so that others may also help.
  3. Include a photo if you can.


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