Who we are - The Battle of Jutland - Centenary Initiative
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Who we are

Many people and insitutions have been involved in the preparation of many apects of the commemoration of Jutland – as exhibitors, as content developers, as advisor. In many, many ways.

Exhibiting Museums

The following museums in Britain, Germany and Denmark will be hosting major exhibitions on Jutland itself or the seawar of which Jutland was a key moment. Alphabetically, these are listed below. You can click to get further information or link to their sites.


The museum was opened on September 15th, 2015. It tells the story of four years of war in the North Sea with focus on the Battle of Jutland. The battle took place so close to the Danish coast that the rumble of the guns was heard on the very spot in Thyboron, where the museum is situated.

The Danish Sea War Museum

Kystcentervej 11, 7680 Thyboron, Denmark

Discover the world's largest maritime museum, filled with inspirational stories of exploration and endeavour at sea and packed to the gunwales with intriguing objects and fascinating galleries.

The National Maritime Museum

Park Row, Greenwich, London

The National Museum of the Royal Navy is not only based in Portsmouth, there are also a number of affilitated museums around Great Britain under the same umbrella.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy

HM Naval Base (PP66), Portsmouth, Hampshire

Explosion, is the Royal Navy’s museum dedicated to Naval firepower.
(Photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Navy_Submarine_Museum)

Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower

Priddys Hard, Gosport, Hampshire

The Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset; Europe's largest naval aviation collection of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, the flying arm of the Royal Navy.
(Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fleet_Air_Arm_Museum_hall_4.JPG)

Fleet Air Arm Museum

RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester, Somerset

The German Naval Museum at Wilhelmshaven is in the old dock area where many of the ships of the German navy were built. Outside lies the starboard barrel of SMS Seydlitz damaged at Jutland.
(Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Marinemuseum_Wilhelmshaven_-_Flickr_-_Axel_Schwenke_%2827%29.jpg)

The German Naval Museum

Südstrand 125, 26382 Wilhelmshaven

Our Historical Experts

The project had been lucky enough to have the benefit of the collective wisdom and experience of an international group of well-renowned authors and academics, all of whom have contributed to not only encouraging the project’s advance, but also constructively critiquing the work.


Pulizter prize-winning author of Castles of Steel, Dreadnought and several books on Russia’s Imperial family.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 16.07.18

American naval historian and author of Hipper. The Inconvenient Hero. He is also adding another book on Jutland.


Profile_John Brooks

Author of the seminal study on Jutland gunnery (Dreadnought Gunnery and the Battle of Jutland: The Question of Fire Control) and the upcoming The Battle of Jutland.


Profile_Werner Rahn

Author and former Commanding Officer, German Armed Forces Military History Research Office (MGFA), Potsdam.


Profile_Michael Epkenhans

Head of the German Bundeswehr’s Center for Military Research. Author of Tirpitz. Achitect of the German High Seas Fleet. He has just published Jutland: World War I's Greatest Naval Battle with Jörg Hillman.



Granddaughter of Admiral Jellicoe, winner of the prestigeous Anderson prize for England’s Medieval Navy 1066-1509. VP, Navy Records Society.


Profile_Eric Grove

British naval historian and author of Fleet to Fleet Encounters and The Royal Navy Since 1815.



Based at the Defence Science & Technology Group, Canberra and author of A Unified Model of Maritime Command and Control.


The Jutland Project Team

A lot of people contributed their time and expertise to the project, far beyond the remuneration they received. Because they completely got and shared my passion. Thank you all.

In alphabetical order



All the Jutland1916.com sound materials have been produced by Guillaume. This includes not only podcasts but also the animation materials (coming soon!). Guillaume is a sound engineer professional par excellence. He’s also been completely flexible on timings and locations.



I have known Rupert White since my days at Bylgari managing the European marketing. His agency – together with Trendhouse - has become one of the leading German luxury communications and events agencies.



Webdesign and Internet Technologies Agency in Vevey, Switzerland.

Team_ Peter Pedall


Peter and Alissa Pedall run the Munich-based animation studio that has been working on the Jutland1916 product for over a year. All the eventual battle map animation materials will be Pedall productions.


Maria Santos

A law student with an interest in international business and communication, Maria is heading the social media for the Jutland2016 project. Follow the project in closer and live detail on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.



Andrew’s team offers you specialist editing services, OCR, conversion to eBooks, image editing and transcription.

But his real unique and invaluable asset on the Jutland project is that Andrew is one of the few people in Europe who had the knowledge and experience to work with Abbyy Software to scan old Gothic Fraktur German text and translate it into contemporary German text.


Sincere thanks to the following individuals, institutions, authors and web sites for their support to this moment. The launch of the Jutland Centenary Initiative website.

  • Gert Normann Andersen, The Sea War Museum, Thyborøn, Denmark
  • Byron Angel
  • Christopher and Ann Balfour
  • David Barker, The Royal Hospital school
  • Len Barnett
  • Norman Bell, Naval Wargames Society
  • Eric Benoist, Pernod Ricard
  • Lisa Bernhard, Illustrated London News
  • Martin Bourdillon
  • Michael Brasse, Blohm and Voss, Hamburg
  • Sophie Braybrooke, The Royal Hospital school
  • Tery Brissenden, The Frameworks, London
  • Dr. John Brooks
  • Caroline Buchler
  • Nikki Burgess, Pernod Ricard
  • Lawrence Burr
  • Alan Bush, grandson of Lt. Athelstan Bush, HMS Spitfire
  • Elizabeth Cayzer
  • Andrew Choong, the Brass Foundry, National Maritime Museum
  • Jenny Ingham Clark
  • The staff of the Churchill Archives, Cambridge University
  • Bob Cobley, the Commonwealth Graves Commission
  • Dr. Quintin Colville, the National Maritime Museum
  • Ali Curran, RMS Titanic project, Belfast
  • Philip Dunne, MP, Minister for Defence Equipment
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Epkenhans
  • Fabyan Evans, The Jutland Concert
  • Simon Fairweather, Detroit
  • Dr. Kevin Fewster, Director, the National Maritime Museum
  • Alex Franke, The Frankes Collection
  • Jonathan Frewen
  • Rob Gardiner, Seaforth Publishing
  • Dominic Gibbs
  • Andrew Gillard, Gillard Editing
  • Rear admiral James Goldrick
  • Dr. Andrew Gordon
  • Guillaume Goutschat
  • Dr. Axel Griessmer, Hamburg International Maritime Museum
  • Prof. Eric Grove
  • Erzherzog Markus Habsurg-Lotringen, Vienna
  • Hugh Halcro-Johnston
  • Prof. Paul Halpern
  • Simon Harley
  • Giles Healey
  • Nick Higham, BBC
  • Dr. Clint Heinze, Australian Defence Staff
  • Harold Heys
  • Nick Hewitt, National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • Commander Jason Hines, USN
  • Angela and Anthony Horabin
  • Dr. Stephan Huck, Wilhelmshaven Marine Museum
  • Mowbray Jackson
  • Knud Jakobsen, Journalist, Denmark
  • Commander Christian Jentsch, Potsdam
  • Karl-Heinz Jockel, marine-archiv.de
  • Clément Lador, Ergopix Sàrl, Vevey, Switzerland
  • The staff of the Liddle Archives, Leeds University
  • Bill Jurens
  • Dr. Alex Kalloniatis, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia
  • Ian Kerrigan, Blackbook, London
  • David Mackie, Kirkwall Public Library Archives, Orkney
  • Rob Mann, The Royal Hospital school
  • Tom Muir, The Kirkwall Historical Museum, Orkney
  • Sahil Khan, Somer Town, London
  • Peter Kram, Bildienst, Wilhemshavener Zeitung
  • Hans-Joachim Krover, author
  • Prof. Andrew Lambert
  • Richard Latham
  • James Loudon
  • Tony Lovell, The Dreadnought Project
  • Allan MacFarlane
  • Robert K Massie
  • Fionn McArthur, BBC Orkney
  • John McCarthy, John McCarthy Assoc.
  • Gianpaolo Marini, Rolex Italia
  • Maritime Quest.com
  • Lynsey Martenstyn, BBC
  • Dr. Innes McCartney
  • Steve McLaughlin
  • Joris Minne, HMS Caroline Project
  • Francesca Moreda, Dept. Of Culture, Media and Sports
  • Claire Pantling, The Scouts Association
  • Peter and Alissa Pedall, Pedall Animations, Munich
  • Alison Perrottet, Pernod Ricard
  • Pete Petrella, Blackbook, London
  • Dr. Tobias Philbin III
  • Mike Pitschke, Monterey, California
  • Kapitän zur See Dr. Werner Rahn
  • John Roberts
  • Captain John Rees, National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • Morag Robertson, The orkney Council
  • Oberst Matthias Rogg, Potsdam Military Museum
  • Brooks Rowlett
  • Mike Sarna, the National Maritime Museum
  • Jennie Shaw, Dept. Of Culture, Media and Sports
  • John Silver, The Sea War Museum, Thyborøn, Denmark
  • Rheinard Scheer-Hennings
  • Peter Schenk, Berlin
  • Susan Scott, Archivist at the Cayzer Family Archives
  • Matthew Seligmann
  • Captain Chris Smith, RN CSNI
  • David Smith, Portsmouth, Equal Speed Charlie London
  • Commander David Stevens, RANR
  • Matt Stevenson, author
  • The Venerable Peter Sutton, The Isle of White
  • Dr. Wolf von Tirpitz
  • Charles Tobias, Pusser’s Rum
  • Dr. Dominic Tweddle, Director, National Museum of the Royal Navy
  • Annelies van den Belt, FindMyPast.com
  • Pieter van der Merve, The National Maritime Museum
  • Don Walsh, USN (ret).
  • Jörg Wehmer
  • Phillip Wingfield
  • Rupert Wild, White Communications, Munich
  • Dr. Jann Witt, Laboe Naval Memorial, DMV
  • Peter Wykam-Martin
  • Claire Woodforde, The Scouts Association
  • James Woodhall
  • Dave Wooley
  • Michael Yessian, Yessian Music, New York

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