HMS BARHAM | The Battle of Jutland - Centenary Initiative
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HMS Barham was one of five fast battleships of the Queen Elizabeth class.


HMS Barham leading the 5th Battle Squadron in heav weather (private collection)


HMS Barham at anchor in Scapa Flow (private collection)

She was commissioned on August 1915, and at Jutland, as Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Evan-Thomas’ flagship received six hits. With one of her sister ships, HMS Valiant, the two made 23-24 hits on evenmy ships during the battle, mostly in the so-called “Run to the North”.


Rear-Admiral Sir Hugh Evan-Thomas (private collection) with his beloved “Jutland Jack”

Her end in the Mediterranean in the Second World War was as a result of a torpedo attack. The full explosion was horrific and captured on film from rolling over to catastrphic explosion

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