HMS TIGER - The Battle of Jutland - Centenary Initiative
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Arthur Lunn from Dawlish in Devon, recounted his part in the battle of Jutland and the horrific injuries he suffered to his ten year old great nephew, Christopher. He’d been a signaler on HMS Tiger.He’d be ordered to send a message by flags and, just as he had started, Tiger was hit. Lunn was blown clean off the superstructure. As he fell, he was cut open. From his waist to his ankle. Literally ripped open. He fell in to the sea but was rescued by a small boat.Hauled aboard, he lay bleeding to death on the deck. If it had not been for one of his rescuers, a sailmaker, he would have died there. The man stitched him up from his rearside to his ankle.Christopher remembers seeing his great uncle’s leg. He described it as looking like the stitches on a rugby ball.

(Courtesy of Christopher North, Arthur Lunn’s great nephew)